Dance Around The World!

By Danielle Frost | Posted: Tuesday April 10, 2018

This year is the first time Logan Park has had Dance as an option subject available to Year 9 students.

This semester students have traveled around the World experiencing various genres/styles of Dance with the unit Dance Around The World. The class had the opportunity to enhance their current repertoire of skills as well as develop knowledge of various cultures dance histories. They have been to India, South Korea, Cuba, United States and Ireland where they have done Bollywood, K-pop, Rumba, Salsa, Tap, Hip hop and Tap dancing.

Throughout this term we have had the pleasure of inviting others from the local community to share their expertise, including people from Dance schools around Dunedin, volunteers and senior students from Logan Park. Thanks to everyone who has been involved in supporting the development of Dance at school. The highlight from Term One was performing a Bollywood piece  in the Race Unity Assembly. I am really proud of how much each student has developed their confidence in performing. 

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