Scholarship & Excellence Morning Tea

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Thursday February 18, 2021

In February we celebrated our outstanding academic successes in NCEA exams.

Students who achieved Excellence endorsed NCEA certificates or scholarships enjoyed a morning tea with teachers.

Merit and Excellence endorsements at Level 1, 2 and 3 were all above the national average, as well as University Entrance results.

Once again our students excelled in the premier NZQA top academic Scholarship exams which are awarded to New Zealand's top scholars.

Students achieved 21 scholarships including 2 outstanding scholarships across a wide range of subjects: English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Calculus, Art History, Media Studies, Music, Painting, Photography, History and Health/Physical Education. 

Congratulations to the following scholarship recipients: 

Ruby Dyke - History

Cathy Zeng - English, History, Music and Health

Helen Ruan - Media Studies

Roslyn McLean - English, Art History and an Outstanding in Painting

Anna Walrond - History and Photography

Hannah Liyanarachchi - Statistics and English

Paxton Hall - Calculus

Sophie Sun - Calculus, Chemistry, Physics and an Outstanding in Biology

Megan McDiarmid - English

Elia Hyashishita - Calculus

Cindy Chou - Biology 

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