Launch of the Wellbeing Planner

By Judy Buckingham | Posted: Saturday March 3, 2018

In February all students were given a Wellbeing Planner. This pilot initiative has come directly out of the wellbeing survey which was conducted mid-year 2017.

The planner is one of several strategies to improve student wellbeing within our school.

The focus of the planner is building skills and knowledge of resilience and mindfulness. We hope that students can find this planner useful, interesting and that students will make it their own.

The planner will also provide a great opportunity for learning moments. Group Teachers will be able to select from the planner and use the information provided to carry out brief activities.

Later in the year we will begin talking with students and gathering information about how the wellbeing planner was used and what we can improve on.

Students, staff and whanau are invited to contribute to the 2019 planner.

Please forward all contributions or enquiries to:

Judy Buckingham

School Counsellor