29 NZQA Scholarships!

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Tuesday February 13, 2018

Our students won 29 Scholarships including 5 Outstanding Scholarships in the 2017 exams.

Congratulations to all our successful scholarship recipients. Students achieved scholarships in Accounting, Chemistry, Classical Studies, Drama, Economics, English, German, History, Media Studies, Painting, Photography, Physics and Statistics.
And we received Outstanding Scholarships in Drama, English, History, Media Studies and Photography.
Scholarships are awarded to the top 2-5% of candidates nationally. This continues a 20 year tradition of outstanding excellence where Logan Park has achieved an average of 20 scholarships a year with a school roll under 600.
We held a Scholarship and Excellence Morning Tea on Tuesday 20th February to celebrate these outstanding students.

Scholarship results:

Oscar McGuire, Scholarships in Drama, Media Studies, History, Classical Studies and an Oustanding Scholarship in English. 

Charlotte Dickie, Scholarships in Classical Studies, History and an Outstanding Scholarship in Media Studies. 

Louis Whitburn, Scholarships in Chemistry, Statistics and Physics. 

Ben Dubyk, Scholarships in Statistics, and Physics. 

Desiree Heinze-Farrington, Scholarships in Statistics and Accounting. 

Ben Clayton, Scholarships in Economics and an Outstanding Scholarship in History. 

Sean McLeod, Scholarships in Painting and Photography.

Isla Thomas, Outstanding Scholarship in Photography. 

Aidan Downes, Outstanding Scholarship in Drama.

Tarren Loughran, Scholarship in Chemistry. 

Siobhann Quinn, Scholarship in Photography. 

Pania Throp, Scholarship in Drama. 

Alva Feldmeier, Scholarship in German. 

Clair Caird, Scholarship in History.

Abigail Nardo, Scholarship in Painting. 

Henry Ruan, Scholarship in Drama (from Year 12). 

George Sabonadiere, Scholarship in History (from Year 12).

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