Staff Farewells

By Cathi Graham | Posted: Thursday December 19, 2013

We are sorry to say goodbye to several staff members as the year ends.First of all, Deputy Principal Roger Tobin, who has been at Logan Park for the last 29 years. Roger will be moving on to PPTA as the Otago Division Field officer.

The end of the Services Academy due to funding cuts means we will also lose the director, Simon Heptsonstall, who has been enormously energetic over the past two years leading the Academy students. We are also sad to say goodbye to Soo Graham, Coordinator of Adult Community Education (ACE), Christine Swindells, Internatonal Student Manager, Chris Gill, Maths teacher and Linda Bruce, Teacher Aide.

This year has seen government funding cuts which have eventually resulted in the end of our Adult Community Education (ACE) programme. Logan Park was the last school south of Christchurch to continue with evening classes but the lack of funding has now made it impossible to continue.

We are also very sorry to announce the end of our Services Academy programme, also due to funding cuts. This means that our programme director, Simon Heptonstall, who has been with us for two years, will be leaving us.

We are also sad to say farewell to several other staff members. First of all Deputy Principal, Roger Tobin, who has been a mainstay at Logan Park for the past 29 years. Roger joined the staff as a Maths teacher and made his way into Senior Management. He has been Deputy Principal for the past 14 years. Roger is a huge presence and will be greatly missed. 

There will be a formal farewell for Roger on Friday 31st January at 6.30 pm in the staff room. 

We are also sad to say goodbye to four other staff members:
Soo Graham, ACE Coordinator, Christine Swindells, International Student Manager, Chris Gill, Maths teacher and Linda Bruce, Teacher Aide

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