New Caledonia

By Staff | Posted: Monday May 19, 2014

The Logan Park High School French Trip to New Caledonia was on 18th29th of May.

Fifteen Students and three staff; Mr Major, Ms MacTaggart and Ms Walsh spent 11 fabulous days in New Caledonia with the students in total immersion home-stays and immersion French lessons. However in the afternoons and weekends the group had exciting experiences at the cultural centre, visiting Amedee Island, at the markets, and so on.

A typical day involved lessons in the morning for the kids, The kids got a lot out of their lessons with all them saying how much they learnt. When we met them after their lessons they certainly looked tired as though they had been using their brains. Then the group would meet at Coconut Square for lunch and would go on to various afternoon actiivites.

Beach activities

The kids would often have lunch at Baise Des Citron at one of the numerous cafes that line the beach, and then spend the afternoon swimming and relaxing at the beach. Ms MacTaggart and Ms Walsh enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful Kanak babies and children. The kids loved hearing tiny toddlers talking in rapid and demanding French to their parents. Big family groups were spread out on the grass under the tress and on the sand eating baguettes etc for their lunch. It was very easy for the staff to find our kids — we just scanned the beach for gleaming white bodies amongst all of the tanned ones!

Tjibaou Centre

The Tjibaou Centre was a real highlight. We had a superb tour guide who showed us through the Kanak exhibition that has just returned to them from Paris. The art works were beautiful with excellent history lessons for the kids. At the end of our tour we had Kanak dancing lessons which were great fun. 


Staff and students were all a little nervous before meeting the homestay families. But Mrs MacTaggart relaxed when she saw the welcoming eager faces and their enthusiastic response to our students. They were all caring and happy to get to know our kids. They really focused on using French with them and helping our kids' French to improve.

On the first Wednesday the staff were invited to Loren, Isla and Eva's homestay for dinner where they met Naomi, Abby and their mum Martine. It was a real treat for the staff to be in a "real" French house with "real" French people. The girls were so comfortable with their parents and behaved beautifully. They were a real credit to their parents and the school.

Our final evening was spent at a local Crepe restaurant. All the students and staff were amazed at how the students' French had developed through the trip, especially as the senior students were interpreting for the staff. It was an amazing trip — lots of French learnt, wide cultural experiences, lots of fun, and special friendships developed. 

The students would repeat this trip in a heartbeat. 

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