International Summer School 2017

By Christine Bennet | Posted: Sunday November 19, 2017

Whilst Kiwi students have been sitting NCEA exams, international students not doing exams have enjoyed a range of activities.

This year's Summer School began with a four day tramp on the Greenstone Caples Track near Queenstown,  which was challenging because of snow but enjoyable all the same and provided a totally new experience for many of our students.

During Summer School international students also had close encounters with our local wildlife both on sea (Monarch Cruise) and land. We were lucky enough to be accompanied by a pod of dolphins during a part of the cruise and to see a Royal Albatross sitting on the water and flying. 

 At Nature’s Wonders we watched a sheep shearing demonstration, saw fur seals playing in rock pools and got up close to blue penguins. 

Our trip to Orokanui allowed our students to see a world class eco-sanctury where many of New Zealand’s endangered species are protected and nurtured.

There were also opportunities for students to rock climb at Long Beach, surf at St Clair and forage for seafood at Warrington while on the cultural side we spent a morning at the Art Gallery learning about some important New Zealand paintings and then having a go at re-producing some designs in the studio. 

A trip to Toitu Early Settlers Museum and the Chinese Garden gave the students a taste of early life in Dunedin and, finally, a trip to the Botanic Gardens gave them some inspiration for poetry writing. 

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