Science Club

By Louis Whitburn | Posted: Tuesday November 21, 2017

Science Club had a rocky start this year but has managed to finish on a high with the assistance of Ms Caulfield and Dr Prime.

Every Tuesday after school a group of us science enthusiasts meet to use the science gear to build our own new experiments or extend the practicals we have done in class. The hands on experiments without the time pressures of a normal lesson are really fun.

It is great to have more time to adapt what we have learnt and try out “what if?” scenarios.

We have also had some interesting talks on astronomy and gravitational waves from Dr Eyal Schwartz from the Dept. of Physics from Otago University. The first talk on searching for Exoplanets saw a lecture room full with over 70 senior students and the second talk on the recent observation, from gravitational wave data, of two neutron stars colliding had a great turnout of Year 9 students as well. The knowledge of some of the younger students was quite impressive. We hope that some of these talks will be a part of next year too.

Overall it was a positive experience and we all look forward to it again next year - hopefully with some more people.

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