Naginata Lessons

By Kristan Mouat | Posted: Sunday November 19, 2017

Our students enjoyed Japanese martial arts lessons in November.

75 year old Shimizu Nobuko Sensi taught over 100 students, in several sessions, the ways of the ancient Japanese art of naginata. 

 Shimizu Sensei comes from Tokyo and was in Dunedin to run a number of workshops. Our students practised with wooden naginata as the real ones are razor sharp. Shimizu Sensei has practised many forms of martial arts for more than 50 years and holds the highest level of certification in a type of traditional Japanese etiquette known as Ogasawara Ryu. She is a retired teacher and university lecturer. 

Thanks to Phil Davison from the Dunedin Seishinkan Martial Arts School who organised the visit. 

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