Junior Boys Football

By John Major | Posted: Wednesday September 27, 2017

In September the Junior Boys football team won the premier reserve grade in the local school competition.

Throughout the season the team had 11 games for 9 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. In total they scored 80 goals and only conceded 27. In the final against Otago Boys 10 White they won by a convincing 9 – 4.

The team was made up of:

Philip Yeardley

Lucas Reid

Matthew Cowles

Sam Hulber Pulver

Amasio Jutel

Milo Long

Harry Major

Mason Nelson

Paris Noor

Thomas Power

Jack Rae

Michael Stephenson

Ben Devereux (first half of season)

Sunny McCabe (first half of season)

Elia Hayashishita (last few games only)

Daniel Cowles (last few games only)

Liam Smith (last game only)

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