Year 10 Reading Challenge

By Morag MacTaggart | Posted: Thursday August 24, 2017

A challenge to improve continued.

During the final seven weeks of Term Two this year, all Year Ten students were asked to take on a particular challenge; the Year Ten Reading Challenge. The initiative came about because of a very generous grant from a past Logan Park High School family; the Gaffney family.

The Gaffney boys attended Logan Park High School from 2005 – 2015. The family told us that their boys had loved the long standing Year Nine Reading Challenge and that they wished the same event could be continued on into Year Ten. With a very generous prize pool up for grabs the English Department swung into action, students and their parents were notified and The Year Ten Reading Challenge came into being. Students began by setting ambitious targets for themselves; they then had seven weeks to challenge themselves to meet their reading goals.

Many students exceeded their original goals and many more met their targets. Competition within classes was fierce. The school librarian, Ms Summerfield, provided tempting displays of great reads and encouraged students to stretch their reading with plenty of, “if you liked ….. then try ….,” suggestions. English teachers supported and monitored students’ progress closely through interviews, reading checkpoints and the reviewing of each student’s reading challenge log.

All students who completed the challenge received a prize. The following students received a highly commended prize of a $40.00 book voucher for their extra efforts to improve and widen their reading. A fabulous effort and well done!

—Jazmin Taylor
—Cathy Zeng
—Gray Smith
—Philip Yeardley
—Anna Walrond
—Danielle Wilson
—Esther Tamati
—Mikey Rainbow
—Jorja Hutton
—Sophie Sun
—Rebecca Dalphin
—Daniel Cowles
—Molly Barton
—Amelia Chang
—Carlos Bishop
—Kayla Boniface
—Trent Carmody
—Ethan Roberts