The Senior Formal

By Clair Caird | Posted: Wednesday June 28, 2017

Logan Park's Senior Annual Formal was held on the 17th of June at the spectacular Glenroy Auditorium. 197 students from years twelve and thirteen, as well as staff members, attended the event and were treated to a spectacular 'Awards Show' themed evening.

'Paparazzi' photographed the attendees as they headed into the venue for a night of food, dancing and fun.

Head Prefects Emma Samuels and Oscar McGuire emceed the event, keeping it alive with their witty banter.

Students and Staff alike were recipients of special awards. Mr Fielding won 'Best Dance Direction', Ms Fraser 'Best Hair and Makeup', Ms Mackay 'Best Visual Effects, Ms Vela 'Best Cinematography and Mr Spittle was awarded one for his role as body double to Jake Gyllenhall. 

A 'Best Dressed" award went to Lorna Ryan, and another to Arvan Bredenbeck. "Best Hair and Makeup' went to Henry Ruan. 'Cutest Couple' went to Bella Rennie and Lucan Willis, and the 'Premier Couple' went to Ben Dubyk and Belle Williams, although many had rooted for Mr Spittle and Humerus (the skeleton).

It was a wonderful evening and we are incredibly thankful for the hard work put in by organisers Ms McSweeny, Ms Mackay, and the Formal Committee. 

Further photos can be found here when logged in to a school gmail.

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