Logan Park Kendo Club

By Frankie Vella | Posted: Monday July 3, 2017

At the beginning of the year Logan Park formed a relationship with Otago Kendo club to run a school club here at school. 

12 to 16 students regularly attend on a Monday and Thursday after school. 

 School Club Do Jo Captains are Georgia Ford-Keen and Jayden Te-Tana they have recently been named as school club leaders. 

 All students are beginners and are working toward 9th Kyu. 

 I recently attended a club session and was impressed at the level of fitness needed. The Otago Kendo club is preparing our students to attend regional competitions in the future. The relationship between school and club has been a great success for both parties. Special thanks to Darryl Tong, Tasha Derrett and Robin Hanson from Otago Kendo and Nick Biggin from Logan Park. 

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