Loves Me Not Health Workshop

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Thursday July 6, 2017

In June, all of our Year 12 students participated in the Loves Me Not Health Programme organised by the New Zealand Police. 

The Loves Me Not programme is a whole school approach to positive relationships designed to reinforce the qualities of positive communication and relationships and how to see the signs of negative relationships and relationship abuse. 

According to Police, relationship abuse and family violence is one of New Zealand's biggest social and criminal issues.

The programme covered:

· qualities of good relationships

· recognising early signs of relationship abuse

· understanding sexual consent

· exploring if, when and how to be an active bystander

· taking action for change for themselves, their friends and family and the wider community to have safer communities together.

The Loves-Me-Not workshop was piloted in nine secondary schools in 2013 and now is offered in most Otago secondary schools.

Thanks to our House Deans and Counsellors Judy Buckingham and Bella Miller for their support with the programme. 

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