Year 11 Trip to the Anatomy Museum

By Joe McKee | Posted: Wednesday June 28, 2017

On Thursday the 25th of May, the two year 11 P.E classes went on an educational trip to the Otago University Anatomy Museum to take a closer look at the human body and what we have going on beneath the skin.

Going on this trip was really quite special, as we had the opportunity to handle and analyse human body parts, which had all been preserved specially so they could be used as research or teaching material. Personally, my favourite part was examining the donated brains, and after conversing with some of my classmates, I found most of them agreed that being able to look at and handle the specimens quite a unique experience and supported our learning of Anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. On behalf of the two year 11 classes and Logan Park High School I would like to thank the Anatomy Museum for allowing us access to this amazing area.

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