International Trips - Museum and Albatross Colony

By Dianne Rooney | Posted: Sunday May 28, 2017

On a wet Wednesday 3 May international students visited the museum in the morning and then unipol in the afternoon.

The students were given a guided tour of the Polynesian section in the museum. They were invited to experience Pacific cultural celebrations ranging from the Cook Islands to Fiji and Samoa. Through dramatic role play, they experienced a kava ceremony, a coming of age birthday celebration, which involved a mock haircutting ceremony and a fire walking simulation to awaken and enrich their understanding of the cultures of the Pacific.

Later the students explored the Otago Wildlife Photography Exhibition of all the wonderful wildlife photos of animals, plant life, birds and the night sky.

After lunch we went to Unipol and played a variety of sports such as badminton, table tennis, basketball and futsal.

Trip to Taiaroa Heads - Albatross Colony

On Thursday 18 May international students spent the majority of the day at the Albatross Colony at Taiaroa Heads. We were extremely lucky and had a brilliant sunny day to view the nesting chicks. We saw the adult birds gliding overhead and then swooping down to feed their cute fluffy chicks. We also viewed the Armstrong disappearing gun that was placed there in 1889 to protect our coastlines from foreign invaders of the times.

After lunch we explored the nearby beach and were lucky enough to see a sea lion. All the students were amazed at the blueness of the sky and the deep green of the ocean. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and expressed a desire to return again!

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