Excellence / Scholarship Morning Tea 2024

In February we celebrated some of our top scholars

Students gained 20 NZQA Scholarships which are awarded to the top 2-5% nationally.

Many other students also achieved Excellence Endorsed NCEA certificates.

Congratulations to the following students on their scholarship awards: 

Aubrey Alsop Mackie – Calculus 

Milo Cameron – Photography 

Eve Cowperthwaite – Photography

Sebastian Cumming – Chemistry

Micah Duckles – Calculus and Physics

Arnica Gazzard – Photography

Hope Huang – Biology

Naoki Kozakai – Calculus

Ronglei Liu – Chinese

Fen McIntosh – Drama

Bruno McMillan – Drama

Brielle Millier – English 

Jimmy Muir – Drama

Hugo Todd – English and Media Studies

Minami Uchida – Media Studies

David Zeng – Chemistry, Physics and History

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