Dundas St. Bridge

From the Otago Regional Council:

We want to thank you all for your ongoing support of this project while we’ve undertaken necessary flood protection works at Dundas St bridge to safely install the culvert on the west bank of the bridge, to provide more space for water to flow when the river is in flood.

The bridge has been closed to allow for these works to be carried out safely, it was reopened to pedestrians on 12 October and it’s nearly ready to be reopened to allow vehicles across as well. In order to reopen the bridge, we must reseal the road properly, this requires specialist equipment that is in short supply. At this stage, we expect the bridge will reopen mid-December.

Once resealed we must ensure all relevant safety checks are completed. Only after the bridge is returned to its full load-bearing capacity can it be reopened to vehicles.

Works will continue in the river near the bridge after it has opened, this is unlikely to affect vehicles or pedestrians.

For more information about the history of this project go to www.orc.govt.nz/leithfloodprotectionscheme