Collaboration between 13 Hospitality and 9 French

How do you pronounce this word – crepes? We love eating them and can buy them at the farmers market – and now we know how to say the word properly – without the s and that it does not sound like crap!

We had a busy period to make crepes together which allowed all of us to cook with a purpose as the Year 13s had organised the ingredients for the ….crepes and la quatrieme (9 French) the toppings – and then great combinations came alive – most involved cream (la creme) and chocolate (le chocolat) in some form. The idea was also to learn some basic French as the cooking happened such as je voudrais (I would like) and c’est delicieux (It’s delicious).

Thank you so much to 13 Hospitality who shared their skills and space with us – we will be back, we hope!

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