Chamber Music Updates

LPHS students are busy preparing for the annual District Chamber Music Contest, which is going to be held at Marama Hall, University of Otago on the 7-8th of June.

In preparation for the contest, students have been busy undertaking a special coaching session, as well as taking part in a number of performances both in and outside of school.

Coaching: On Monday the 20th of May at LPHS, and Tuesday the 21st of May at Columba College, all LPHS and LPHS-Interschool groups took part in a very special coaching session with NZSO violinist Jessica Oddie. Jessica gave all groups a lot of insight into their playing. We are very appreciative of Chamber Music New Zealand organising this fantastic opportunity, where our students could learn from someone who has such a huge amount of experience in this area.

Dunedin Musical Society Concert: On Sunday the 26th of May two chamber music groups with LPHS students in them were invited to take part in a community concert, at Mornington Methodist Church. These groups, plus one more from other schools performed a range of solo items from young music students. The audience thoroughly enjoyed hearing chamber music as part of their programme, and we enjoyed working with the Dunedin Musical Society to present these performances.

Chamber Music Concert in Community: On Tuesday the 28th of May at 7pm, nearly all LPHS and LPHS-Interschool groups were able to take part in a community concert held at Flagstaff Community Church. There were 9 groups who performed with LPHS students in 8 of these groups. Each group performed confidently and had a chance to run through their entire programme in preparation for the contest. 

It was a great atmosphere and a chance for everyone to meet each other!

Chamber Music Lunchtime Concert: to be held on Friday the 31st of May in the performance room at LPHS. We look forward to hearing a range of groups perform, and students will have the chance to see their friends perform.

Keep an eye out for the next Park Press for a feature on the contest itself. All groups are on their way to give a confident performance – well done all!

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