April 2019

At our April meeting, we were delighted to get feedback about our planning and reporting documents from Julie Anderson, the Director of Education for Otago/Southland. She notes “Your strategic goals set a clear direction for the school with a strong focus on responsive and effective teacher practice.”

We want to share our strategic plan with our LPHS community so please keep an eye out for this coming by email soon.

Ruth Barnett
Parent Representative
LPHS Board of Trustees

March 2019

The Board of Trustees met on Tuesday 5 March and were pleased to learn about the positive start to the school year.

We note significant roll growth in 2019 in all areas of the school.

The date for election of the new Board of Trustees has been set for 17 May 2019.

We will hold an information sharing session for anyone interested in standing for the Board on Tuesday 2 April at 5.30pm in the Whanau Room. Board members will be available to answer any questions you may have about being a School Trustee.

We wish all students well for their learning this year.

October 2018

At our October Board of Trustees we were pleased to welcome Sophie Sun as our student representative on the Board. We value the input of the student representative who can bring a student perspective to the work we do.

We are currently undertaking a self-audit of our Governance Policies  to ensure that our policies are current and that we are meeting our responsibilities as a  Board. This exercise makes good use of the experience and wide range of skills of our Board members.  

We were delighted to learn that Oscar McGuire gained a 5th Scholarship in Classics following a reconsideration of his assessment, bringing LPHS’s total Scholarships in 2017 to 29.

The Board are looking forward to Senior Prizegiving. We know that the success of our students depends on support from whanau and school. Thank you parents and families for what you do for our students. And thank you to our teachers who give their best with the aim of bringing about achievement for all students.

We wish all students the very best for the upcoming NCEA external examinations.


Ruth Barnett.

August 2018

Student Trustee elections are approaching and George Sabonadiere attended his last Board meeting in September. We are delighted that George was a recipient of a Class Act award. George has been a dedicated member of our Board bringing his knowledge of what is happening for students at our school to our discussions. We wish George well for 2019 and beyond and thank him for his thoughtful and willing contributions to our work.

The Board was pleased to learn that there have been good numbers students enrolling at all levels of the school for 2019. We are looking forward to making contact with new students and their families next year.

The Board has been informed of a significant building programme to be undertaken at the school. Watch this space for more information!

June 2018

At our most recent meeting the Logan Park High School Board of Trustees was delighted to receive a copy of the ERO publication “What Drives Learning in the Senior Secondary School?”

Logan Park High School was identified as one of twelve schools in New Zealand that ERO recognised as having “clear connections between the curriculum and the key competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum in their school documentation.” ERO visited our school to see what we do, talk with our teachers, our leaders in education, and our students. We were very pleased to be acknowledged for the way we have “developed a cohesive approach to curriculum coherence and students’ success.” I would encourage you to read the report that is packed with quotes from our teachers and students. It is a great summary of what we do so well. You can find a link to this in Park Press.

Thursday 12 April

At our meeting on 12 April 2018 the Board was presented with detailed analysis of student achievement including NCEA and Scholarship results. Our 2017 NCEA results are participation based and 82.5% of students achieved NCEA Level 1, 89.9% of students achieved Level 2, and  81.4% of students achieved Level 3. Our University Entrance results were above the average for a school of our decile rating, with 69.3% of Logan Park students achieving UE, compared to the national average of 56%.

We were very pleased to get an endorsement of this achievement in a letter from Julie Anderson the Director of Education for Otago/Southland congratulating us on “outstanding Scholarship and NCEA results for 2017”.

Thursday 29 March

At our meeting in March the Board was pleased to see how 2018 has started.

We had a very high turn out to our Year 9 afternoon tea. Welcome to all new students and their families. We wish you well for your time here.

We were delighted to learn that Logan Park High School students achieved 28 Scholarships in 2017. A tremendous feat! Thank you to all of you – teachers, students, and whanau - who have supported students in their success.

The Education Review Office (ERO) visited Logan Park High School in 2017. At the end of last year we were informed that ERO had chosen our school to be one of twelve schools across New Zealand who had impressed them with good examples of teaching and learning. This month ERO came back to see what we are doing and to talk with teachers and students about this. The visit was hugely affirming of what we do. We are delighted that the high quality of teaching and learning at Logan Park High School has been recognised in this way and we are looking forward to reading the ERO report about these visits later in the year.

Ruth Barnett.


Friday 1 September

The Logan Park High School Board of Trustees met on Thursday 31 August 2017.

We are delighted that Ms Kristan Mouat and Mr Peter Hills are our new Co-Principals. Our school motto is fitting as we farewell Ms Johnson and welcome our new team. “Kua mutu, kua timata. It is finished, but has again begun.”  

We were pleased to receive a review of the Junior Diploma. It is clear that our teachers continue to think about what will enhance the learning for our students.

We discussed the recent Student Health and Safety Hui which was instigated by our current Student Trustee Rosa Miles-Seeley. It was a rewarding and hugely useful exercise and a good way for us as a Board to hear what students are saying.

We received a comprehensive summary from our esteemed former Principal Jane Johnson about our school’s experience of improving ako, the teaching and the learning, for our Maori students. This began with He Kakano from 2010 to 2014 and finished with Kia Eke Panuku from 2014 to 2016. We thank Ms Johnson for her enthusiastic leadership in this journey which is ongoing.

We have put our updated “Concerns and Complaints” procedure on the website. We hope that this clearly shows how you can raise any concern with the school and the process that is followed in addressing a concern.

We are aware that students have exams coming up and wish them and their supporting whanau well as they prepare for these.

Ruth Barnett.


Monday 31 July

This is the first of many summaries that will be posted on the Logan Park High School website after each meeting.

Our last meeting was on Thursday 27 July 2017.

Logan Park High School has joined with many other teaching and learning institutions in our area to begin to form a Community of Learning. This Community of Learning is fortunate to have teachers from Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary levels.

The Board was pleased to receive a the results of a recent survey on Staff Wellbeing. Surveys like this are useful to support and guide the decisions we make.

We are pleased to let you know that our school finances are healthy.

The Education Review Office has informed us they will be visiting the school in September 2017.

The Board wants to thank all of you who contributed to our request for suggestions about the appointment of our new principal. We value your responses.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 31 August 2017.

Ruth Barnett