Board of Trustees


The following Parents/Caregivers are serving as elected parent representatives on the Logan Park High School Board of Trustees: 

Davies, Michael

Kewene-Doig, Dr Louise

Thomson, Tessa

Tokona, Ronda

Yip, Li-Syn Dora



Gemma Harris
Returning Officer 


Also on the Board are Kristan Mouat and Peter Hills (Co-Principals), Paul Fielding (Staff Representative) and Ethan Lambeth (2022-2023 Student Representative). 

Board Secretary:  Gemma Harris



Board Members' Profiles 

Chair: Ronda Tokona

Ronda Tokona (Ngaiterangi, Ngati Porou, Te Arawa) brings considerable experience to her role on the LPHS Board of Trustees.  She is the current Board Chair, has been on the board for a number of years.  She is married to Walter and had two children, Reva and Joshua Grills, attend the school.  She is a Senior Solicitor at Business South Inc advising employers on their duties and obligations to employees, and the myriad of matters that arise in the workplace. She has had extensive governance experience locally and nationally sitting on Boards, Panels, and Councils, and she is very aware that the role of governance inevitably results in decisions being made that people may not agree on.  The key is that "we have a team of individuals that can robustly debate issues, listen to the views of others, and make decisions that show leadership, and integrity." She looks forward to providing further service to the Logan Park High School students, staff, and whanau.  

Staff Representative: Paul Fielding

Paul Fielding has been a senior humanities teacher at Logan Park for the past 35 years. He is a House Dean, 
as well as a keen coach of cricket and badminton. He has been involved in facilitating overseas travel for 
numerous student groups to destinations including Vietnam, South Korea and the US. He is married to Karyn, who works for the Ministry of Education. They have two daughters. Paul has been the Staff Representative on the LPHS Board of Trustees since 2016. As one of the longest serving current staff members, it would be an understatement to say that Paul loves the school and intimately understands its spirit and strengths.

Student Representative: Ethan Lambeth

Ethan is a Year 12 student at Logan Park. Ethan has represented the school in a number of academic and sporting events; most recently with the first XI Football team in Invercargill. 
Ethan is passionate about reading and problem solving. In his free time, he enjoys playing chess online and cooking with his mum. After school, he would like to study something to do with Computer Science or English.

Board of Trustees Representatives:

Dora Yip

Dora Yip is the Chief Marketing Officer for Kiwi software company, PocketSmith. She's the proud mum of two boys, Jordan and Jonah, and married to David. Dora brings an open-minded and empathetic approach to governance, and almost twenty years of marketing and media relations experience. She believes honest communication and mutual respect are at the heart of all healthy relationships, and is committed to working together with the other Board members to support LPHS' wonderful community of students, teachers and leaders.



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