Board of Trustees


The following Parents/Caregivers are serving as elected parent representatives on the Logan Park High School Board of Trustees: John Bradfield, Ronda Grills, Richard Mitchell, Sally Spittle and Mara Wolkenhauer. 
Also on the Board are Kristan Mouat and Peter Hills (Co-Principals), Paul Fielding (Staff Representative) and Sophie Bradfield (2019-2020 Student Representative).

Board Secretary:  Gemma Harris


Board Members' Profiles 

Chair:  John Bradfield

John has been a teacher of Mathematics for the past 25 years, including a five year period in the US. 
He began his working life as a sheep shearer and this remains a favoured pastime, along with reading 
and travel when time allows. John is married to Bee, who is also a teacher. They live in St Leonards 
with their three daughters, who all attend or have attended Logan Park. John has been a member of the 
LPHS Board of Trustees since 2016 and for the past four years has served as Board Chair. Throughout his 
long involvement with Logan Park, John has championed the school’s emphasis on developing the 
individual and helping students discover their own path. He believes in the importance of thinking critically 
and maintaining a healthy scepticism.

Richard Mitchell

Richard has been a tertiary educator for the past 20 years. As well as teaching and research, Richard has 
also worked in policy at the DCC, with a focus on planning, development and strategy.  Much of his work 
in education has involved the role of positive psychology and student ownership of learning. Richard has 
been a member of the LPHS Board of Trustees since 2019. He and his wife are former students of LPHS 
and their two children also attend LPHS. He believes in the power of offering students a wide range of 
learning opportunities and nurturing students’ passions and interests so that they may develop their 
unique abilities and strengths. 

Sally Spittle

Sally has been a teacher for the past 25 years in a diverse range of schools, ranging from Nelson to Hamilton
to the Far North. She is currently HOD of Art at Taieri College. She is married to Andrew, who is also a teacher. 
Their daughter is a current student at Logan Park. Sally has a long association with Logan Park, with several 
family members having attended and one having served on the Board. Sally has been a member of the 
LPHS Board of Trustees since 2019. Sally celebrates the school’s reputation for academic and cultural excellence, 
as well as its emphasis on inclusivity and opportunities for all.

Mara Wolkenhauer

Originally from Germany, Mara spent 17 years in Australia before moving to Dunedin five years ago to 
take up a position as Business Development Manager at the University of Otago. She currently works 
for the Department of Conservation as Principal Advisor, Science Investment.  Mara has been a member 
of the LPHS Board of Trustees since 2019. With a PhD in Marine Science and an almost completed MBA, 
Mara brings with her a broad base of knowledge and experience. Mara’s first experience of Logan Park 
was a memorable Open Day in 2017, during which she quickly realised that this was ‘her kind of school’. 
She values integrity, transparency, happiness and creativity and seeks to nurture these qualities within 
the school community in her current role. 

Staff Representative: Paul Fielding

Paul Fielding has been a senior humanities teacher at Logan Park for the past 35 years. He is a House Dean, 
as well as a keen coach of cricket and badminton. He has been involved in facilitating overseas travel for 
numerous student groups to destinations including Vietnam, South Korea and the US. He is married to Karyn, 
who works for the Ministry of Education. They have two daughters. Paul has been the Staff Representative on 
the LPHS Board of Trustees since 2016. As one of the longest serving current staff members, it would be an 
understatement to say that Paul loves the school and intimately understands its spirit and strengths.

Student Representative: Sophie Bradfield

Sophie is a Year 12 student at Logan Park. In 2019, Sophie was one of the school’s highest achieving Year 11 
students, as well as being a leading choreographer and dancer for the regional Showquest entry, which 
placed First. Sophie has both played and coached netball. She also enjoys reading, making clothes and spending 
time with her family. Sophie has been a member of the LPHS Board of Trustees since 2019. She would like to 
study medical imaging when she leaves school.

Information on the role of the Student Representative here. 


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