Board of Trustees

Logan Park High School Board of Trustees’ Election 2019

Declaration of Parent and Staff Election Results

Parent representative votes:

Bradfield, John        166
De Klerk, Leisa 83
Easson, Andrea 53
Franklyn, Karola   83
Grills, Ronda 139
Mitchell, Richard   94
Spittle, Alison (Sally)         112
Wolkenhauer, Mara 113
Invalid votes 21


I hereby declare the following duly elected:

John Bradfield                                     Alison (Sally) Spittle               

Ronda Grills                                        Mara Wolkenhauer

Richard Mitchell


Staff representative

I hereby declare Paul Fielding duly elected.




Gemma Harris

Returning Officer




[this information will be updated soon]

The following parents/caregivers are serving as elected parent representatives on the Logan Park High School Board of Trustees: Ruth Barnett, John Bradfield, and Ronda Grills. Also on the Board are Kristan Mouat and Peter Hills (Co-Principals), Paul Fielding (Staff Representative) and Sophie Sun (2018-2019 Student Representative).

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Information on the role of the student trustee here. 

Board Members' Profiles

Chair: John Bradfield

John has been a teacher of maths for the last 20 years including a five-year period in the USA.
He began his working life as a sheep shearer. John is married to Bee who is also a teacher.
They live with their three daughters in St Leonards. Their oldest two daughters are at Logan
Park High School and one more will come on board in a couple of years.

Ronda Grills

Ronda has extensive experience working in dispute resolution both as an advocate, legal
representative, and in a quasi judicial role. She has been on many boards and panels at both a
local and national level. She is married to Walter Grills and they have two past Logan Park High
School students, Reva and Josh Grills, as their children. Reva is in her gap year, and Josh is
studying at Polytech while working part time.

Teacher trustee: Paul Fielding

Paul has been a senior humanities teacher at Logan Park since 1985. He is House Dean of
Aoraki and a keen coach of cricket, badminton, quizzes, Model United Nations, and enjoys
playing squash, football, golf and twilight cricket. Paul is married to Karyn who used to teach but
now is with the Ministry of Education. They have two daughters who are currently studying at
the University of Otago.

Student trustee: Sophie Sun

Sophie is a Year 12 student passionate about all aspects of academic life. She enjoys doing
math competitions, science research and explore a wide range of different ideas and concepts.
She also loves playing the piano and competes in several instrumental competitions, including
the annual chamber music contest. Sophie wants to further extend her knowledge and culture
experience by studying in America after leaving high school.