Technology is intervention by design through the exploration and application of specialist skills and knowledge. Our school offers the study of Technology in the areas of Design & Visual Communication, Digital Technology, Food Technology, Materials Technology - Fabrics, Materials Technology - Metal and Materials Technology - Wood. We foster students’ innovation and creativity within these technological practices. In addition to gaining practical skills, students hone their analytical and critical thinking in these subjects.  Many of our ex-Technology students go on to Tertiary study and some have even started their own successful technology-based businesses while at University.

Design & Visual Communication

Course Outlines

Andy Parsons   
Wayne Hodgkinson   

Digital Technology and Computer Science

Course Outlines

Sandra Whipp    
Tim Jones


Food Technology / Hospitality

Course Outlines

Helen Reid  
Bianca Whalan


Materials Technology - Fabrics

Course Outlines

Teresa Mackay       



Materials Technology - Wood

Course Outlines

Andy Parsons    


Teacher Contact

Name Area Initials        Email
Andy Parsons - HoD                Wood Technology, Product Design                                  ARP              
Teresa MacKay Fabric Technology TCM
Helen Reid Food Technology, Hospitality HER
Bianca Whalan Food Technology, Hospitality BXW
Tim Jones Digital Technologies, Computer Science TEJ
Sandra Whipp Digital Design Technologies STW
Wayne Hodgkinson DVC WRH