Drama is about exploring the world you know, the world the way it could be and the world the way it was. It also allows you to develop your performance and leadership skills. When you study Drama at Logan Park you will gain the confidence to express yourself verbally and physically, while learning through doing and having fun.

Logan Park Drama students take charge of their own learning and are given the opportunity to share with peers and the wider community. All our senior work is presented at night time under real performance conditions – set, lighting, costume, music and of course appreciative audiences.

We also learn by seeing and have regular trips to experience live theatre.

Our Drama Department has a proud history of high achievement with ex-students such as Anna Henare and Tim Foley contributing to the performing arts both nationally and internationally. We have been awarded prizes in the National Shakespeare competition and have been invited to perform at international events.

Our Drama Department website is here.

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Diane Dupres - HoD            Drama             DXD             dxd@lphs.school.nz                  
Shannon Colbert Drama SJC sjc@lphs.school.nz