The Logan Park Art Department provides an educational and enjoyable experience for all students. In the junior school studies cover a general range of artistic disciplines - drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography and design.

In the senior school we specialise in Painting and Photography. A full NCEA course is available at level one, two and three. We encourage and support our students to work at Scholarship level and have achieved several Visual Arts Scholarships in recent years.

Subject matter reflects the variations in cultural background and is influenced by contemporary practice.

We foster a community wide interest in the Arts through gallery visits and talk by practising artists. We have an active Curators' Club that organises art events (exhibitions) throughout the school year.

Course Outlines



Teacher Contact

Name Area Initials Email
Andrea McSweeney - HoD      Art, Photography       ANM      
Jac Dwyer Art, Painting JMD
Kelly Wilkinson Art KDW