Our School

Logan Park High School aims to provide the best possible education and pastoral care for its students, offering opportunities for them to develop academic, cultural and sporting strengths.  The school has a friendly and caring atmosphere and a reputation for excellence.  Logan Park is the top academic secondary school in Dunedin with 22 New Zealand NCEA Scholarships awarded to students in 2010 and 19 scholarships in 2009.

Located alongside the Logan Park, Caledonian sporting facilities and Forsyth Barr Stadium and only a five minute walk to the University of Otago, students have access to many of the facilities available in Dunedin, including the oportunity to study tertiary level courses alongside their NCEA courses.  

Our multi-level Group system fosters interaction between junior and senior students, providing leadership opportunities for senior students and support for junior students. 

In Years 9 and 10, students work towards successful completion of their Junior Diploma. Students earn credits towards their Diploma through their participation in music, sporting and cultural activities, school service, attendance and conduct at school as well as academic performance.    The Diploma is awarded at three levels:  Achieved, Merit or Distinction. 

Families are welcome to contact the Enrolment Dean for an appointment to talk about what Logan Park can offer their son or daughter and to have a tour of school.  Enrolment information and forms can be found here.

Enrolment Dean:   Kristan Mouat  kbm@lphs.school.nz