The Logan Park Maths Department is very high achieving department, getting several Scholarships in both Calculus and Statistics every year. We can allow our students to study above their year level if they require extension while also supporting less able students with a numeracy focus in Years 9, 10 and 11.

We have a high performing and motivated teaching staff and notably Mr John Major was awarded the Jim Campbell Award for Excellence in Maths Teaching in 2011.  We offer students opportunities to enter various maths competitions such as Australian Maths and Informatics, University of Otago Junior Maths Competition, ICAS Maths and Eton Press Senior Maths.

Year 11

Course Outlines

2014 Maths General Level 1
2014 Maths Level 1
2014 Maths Numeracy Level 1

Year 12

Course Outlines

2014 Maths General Level 2
2014 Maths Level 2
2014 Maths Statistics Level 2

Year 13

Course Outlines

2015 Maths Calculus Level 3
2014 Maths Statistics Level 3

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Amanda Fraser

Angela Henderson

Arnika Hazelwood

Graham Prime

James Govan

John Dixon

John Major

HoD Mathematics

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